Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Development of WWF Cheats

Over the final decade or so, the tendency to count on cheats to increase our odds of success on console and computer game titles has grown considerably. As the video games have increased in trouble and we have gotten lazier. The old fashioned way via persistence and hard work has diminished, cheats have grow to be part of the gaming landscape. There are even Words With Friends cheats.
The words with friends cheats are not like cheats in other games. There are no slick methods that can give you additional turns or trigger your pals to skip theirs. You can not manipulate the sport board or your placement of letters on it. As much as these features go, you have to perform by the rules.
The only kind of Words with Friends cheats you are able to find are phrase generators. These are online apps that let you make words out of the letters you have. There are several websites accessible and tons
 are obtainable for the iPhone, the most well-liked cellular gadget on which you can play the game. The way they work is to let you input the letters in your rack. Some will generate random anagrams from the letters, different ones will provide helpful words.
Other phrase generators will suggest prefixes or suffixes for phrases on the board, the moment you enter the information. Some will permit you to enter many letters and direct you where on the board exactly you have place to put a word. They will examine these board letters with your rack letters and propose phrases you can create on the recreation board.
These Words with Friends cheats may not seem to be extremely exciting. They don’t give you any crazy power boosts and don’t allow you the ability to “level up” but they can help you stay in the game. If you can’t make a phrase by your self from the letters in your rack, you will have to exchange them for different letters and forfeit your turn. You also eliminate the opportunity to score, offering your opponent a unique advantage.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Words With Friends Cheat Sheet

  Words With Friends is a popular Scrabble clone that copies the original game but makes enough changes to make for a challenging alternative to Scrabble. You can play Words With Friends on your computer, tablet, iPhone, Android phone and other generic smart phones. 

 We have compiled the ultimate cheat sheet for Words with    friends that is guaranteed to make you a master! 
find it:  HERE

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WWF Inventors:Make Players Guess On Purpose

With that, Scrabble purists everywhere felt a mysterious pang in their chests. Words With Friends creators Paul and David Bettner advised Forbes that the simple fact that gamers can guess their way victory is intentional. That was right after the Forbes writer posted a scathing dangereux of the hit mobile word game, blaming that perceived flaw for driving him away from the game.

"I do not feel it really is a issue to be fixed," David Bettner advised Forbes."We usually intended it to be that way." Bettner was referring to WWF players that appear to have a beef with the reality that people can spot as many combinations of letters on the video game board and hit the "Play" button as they please. In fact, it is such a sizzling topic among Words With Friends gamers that Penny Arcade dubbed it the "Brute Force Method" with disdain.

The Bettner brothers have even regarded as addressing the issue with a fix, this kind of as limiting how a lot of instances a participant can press the "Play" button in error or even telling the opponent that the participant is guessing. But at the finish of the day, the Greater bros. like it the way it is. They even have a identify for it: "plugging". (And David is guilty as charged.)

"Every time we have arrive up with these tips and talked about them, we've realized that it will take away a minor bit from the framework that's contributed to the success of the app," Paul Bettner advised Forbes. "We've experimented with to keep extremely targeted on presenting a singular experience. It Can Be a easy game. You Will Find not a great deal of alternatives you need to get worried about. You can just leap in and take pleasure in it appropriate away."

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

words with friends


The options facing a player in Scrabble or Words with Friends аrе big - wіth one hundred tiles at the bag along with a wide selection of space аnd solutions on thе board, уou'll find hundreds оf potential plays every turn. This article will explore thе vеry best Scrabble words thаt expert players havе used in tournaments, tо inspire you tо grander scores!

Words Facebook: rocking a new kind of technology

Shawn Lohstroh on HTML5 and the future of online gamesHTML5 has gotten a lot of attention recently as being the future of multimedia on the web. It’s been cited as a replacement for Flash, a solution for everything from videos and games to other web animations, and has gotten support from some big players in the tech industry, including Apple.

Since Words With Friends is one of the first major Facebook games to be made entirely in HTML5, we wanted to chat with Shawn Lohstroh, lead developer for the Facebook version, about the decision go with the burgeoning technology.

Zynga With Friends: When did you guys know you wanted to bring Words With Friends to Facebook?
Shawn Lohstroh: Really since the beginning, it had been a goal of ours. We’ve always wanted to bring our games to as wide an audience as possible. We felt HTML5 was the best way to do it.

ZWF: So level with us — what exactly is HTML5? To the uninitiated it might sound like some kind of Internet hit squad.
SL: It’s just a new revision of the HTML standard the Internet was built on. It gets a lot of press as a new way to deliver video on the web, but really it’s a whole gamut of tools that includes Javascript, CSS and HTML. Most importantly, it doesn’t need any proprietary plugins or APIs — it just works.

HTML5 Hit Squad to the Rescue!ZWF: Most Facebook games are made in Flash. Why HTML5?
SL: We were looking for something that integrated well with our existing service. Of course, Flash, Silverlight and other software are ubiquitous around the web, but as we explored HTML5, we fell in love with what it could do. Also, Facebook has a great JavaScript SDK that was easy to use.

ZWF: Were there any tradeoffs?
SL: The tools for designing games in HTML5 are still in their infancy or non-existant (it’s currently geared towards traditional web development). Also, not all the browsers perform quite the same, which posed some challenges for us. However, we felt we could bring the core experience of Words With Friends to the web and Facebook with HTML5 and provide our customers with a great gaming experience.

ZWF: Wait, HTML5 isn’t as good as Flash?
SL: Well, for now, maybe. Part of this started out as an investigation into what was possible with HTML5. While it’s early in its inception, we realized HTML5 is only going to get more popular and robust, and we wanted to get ahead of the curve and bring that expertise to our studio. Besides, when a company like Apple throws their weight behind something like HTML5, you tend to listen.

ZWF: So why should the Average Joe care what technology Words With Friends uses, so long as they get their daily triple word score fix?
SL: There are a lot of reasons — everything from small stuff like opening a game a few seconds faster or using less power to run the game to bigger picture stuff. Ultimately we’re really pushing the envelope in terms of what’s possible with online gaming. Ultimately, HTML5 will let us take the training wheels off online games and let them go all sorts of places unimaginable before.

Words With Friends Cheats: Online Aid for WWF Addicts

                             Have you at any time played Words With Friends, the phrase game? This is an intriguing online sport that you can play with as a lot of friends as you want. The sport requires phrase producing with a offered set of alphabets. For instance you may get I L N and O. The word you can make utilizing these alphabets is lion. In this way a player has to make diverse phrases with the provided alphabets. You need a strong vocabulary to defeat your close friends in this phrase game. Or it can be mentioned that people who perform this word recreation have strong vocabulary. Take help of phrases with close friends cheats when actively playing Words With Friends and increase your word energy in a couple of days.

                             Words with buddies cheats is an online aid that can give quite a few alternatives when you are taking part in the word recreation with your friends. You may possibly be offered any set of alphabets and it is not achievable for a person to develop meaningful phrases employing different alphabets. Pal cheats is not a cheating relatively it is an amusing nick identify of the phrase formation tool. It is named buddy cheat due to the fact it assists a player acquire the word recreation with no putting considerably pressure on his memory. This is a quite valuable software for these who really like to play the recreation of words.

                            Words With Friends is more than a sport and it is just correct to call it a thoughts sport wherever you attempt to improve your phrase power. Taking Part In Words With Friends is not only a supply of enjoyment but it is also helpful in knowing new words that one particular can use in one's everyday life. The beauty of this phrase sport is this that it can be played with out any preparation. This video game doesn't need any accessory or playground. It is played on-line consequently you will discover no problems in beginning or concluding the game. The words with friends cheats are also accessible online. Words With Friends is just suited for enjoying in office, home, library or when you are on the go. Since today's mobiles can work like pocket PC, you can play Words With Friends on your large screen phone.

                         This word sport is quite beneficial for students and also for functioning professionals. You can host a video game of Words With Friends for your child's friends on your child's birthday. Functioning professionals will find this word recreation a resource of exciting and entertainment. With the assist of phrases with pals cheats, you can make Words With Friends a lot more entertaining.

The Rewards of utilizing Words with Friends Cheats

                      Individuals deal with stress different ways. Some find actively playing cellular video games comforting and a total lot of fun. A Single of the most popular video games that individuals are addicted to these days is Words with Friends. Similar to Scrabble, you get to perform the board recreation on-line with numerous opponents all at the same time. A Single massive big difference however that many are grateful for is the simple fact that there is a Words with Buddies Cheat. And having this cheat around is undoubtedly advantageous to these of us who perform this game.

Before we discuss how making use of Phrases with Pals Cheat will reward us, allow us just briefly talk about how it works. Very First off, you will require to input all the tiles that are on your board into the Words with Friends Cheat Board. Then you kind in all the letters that you at the moment have on your rack in the space provided. After inputting all the required data, you click on on the Words with Buddies Word Finder to get the best phrase that would get you the highest range of points possible. It is as straightforward as that.
Now, permit us get back to our primary question: why would 1 advantage from the use of Words with Friends Cheat? Well, soothing and getting rid of anxiety is a single of the good reasons individuals play games. And you would not at all experience calm if you stored losing to your opponents. Instead, you would probably really feel so discouraged that you want to swear off iPhone games for good. You may possibly even really feel angry whenever your opponent humiliates you every single time you get defeated. But if you have been to use this Phrases with Friends helper, you would conclude up acquiring so a lot fun! You do not have to strain your mind pondering of words or strategizing since the AI will do it for you. For an added bonus, you get to beat all individuals folks who employed to kick your butt in this game. If you believe about it, you probably wished for a Scrabble phrase finder again in the excellent old days when you played it with your loved ones or friends. Now, you have all that power at your fingertips and it is payback time. Successful will make you happy and getting a bit of revenge will make you even happier. Is that not a great way to get rid of stress? Besides, outsmarting men and women who are smarter than you is a uncommon chance that you would be insane to move up.

Another reason why you must use Phrases with Close Friends Cheat is due to the fact of the finding out expertise that you would get from using it. Learning, you ask? How can one find out from cheating? This appears a bit opposite to what we have discovered from college and our elders. Well, it is achievable to find out even though you use this cheat. While the AI figures out the greatest transfer to make on the board primarily based on the tiles that are on the board and on your rack, you get some perception on what techniques to use and probably find out new words. Finding an enriched vocabulary and attaining strategy abilities sound like huge benefits especially considering that this is a result of making use of a cheat. Everybody benefits from studying and even studying from Phrases With Friends Cheat is no exception.
In conclusion, utilizing this cheat helps you get rid of stress, enriches your vocabulary, and gives you tips on strategy. Beneficial, would you not say? If only you had a scrabble phrase builder again in the day, you would have been reaping these rewards extended ago.

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Be Sensible About Your Word Placement

The first number of rounds are typically the most opportune time to land a Bingo. I failed to get my initial Bingo right up until a couple of months in the game. A Bingo is what they call it when you play all of the tiles in your hand to make a word. Not only do you get all of those details for the word, they give you a reward 35 for maxing it out. Holding on to a few blank and 'S' tiles is also one more technique in direction of landing a BINGO.


I've failed to get tons of points by not subsequent this straightforward rule. Finding Out to play small phrases with weird, seldom used, letters can experience you reliable point totals. Realizing phrases that incorporate 'J', 'Q', 'K', 'Z' and 'V' could really support your numbers. This has assisted me go from 10-15 factors per round to 20-30. Every spherical is diverse and this may possibly not perform for everybody, but it can undoubtedly assist you to understand a number of of these words.

You should be seeking to drop a phrase on a Triple Word, Triple Letter, Double Phrase or Double Letter spot on every simple turn, if possible. This is a rather basic idea and not constantly achievable. I experience like I've missed an opportunity when I cannot perform on a coloured tile.


Four or five words, well worth 3-4 points each, can genuinely add up. Especially, if they occur to get put on the doubles and triples.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The way to Win on Words With Friends: Technique and Suggestions

As cell and internet users always rise, so the world of online video game titles continues to develop. Today, almost every game continues to be altered so that it may be performed electronically on the computer screen or a handheld system, and then we have Words having Pals, based on the popular game Scrabble.

Just like Scrabble, the purpose of the over all game is to find greater factors compared to your opponent. You can find fundamentally 2 ways to try this: the first is to experience offensively, making sure you receive the highest scoring words on the board; second is always to play defensively, blocking the other person's techniques so he or sthis individual will not get higher points.
You can find times when you're getting caught, nevertheless, and also the roof mosaic glass withwith your holder are not appearing to make any sense, and you just wish to know how you can cheat on Words with Friends. You could inquire, how is it possible? Just like other video game titles, yes, you'll find Words with Friends cheats as well. Of course, anytime the main topic of unfaithful pops up you must pull out you own ethical and also moral compass and also move forward carefully. Therefore, before you decide to read on further, become warned you will learn of ways to obtain an enormous illegal advantage against your own enemies. If you'd like to cheat Words With Friends, make sure it's not your own real pals you cheat on. It must have been Franklin N. Roosevelt who said, "With world power, comes great responsibility." Even so, getting ethical concerns associated with being unfaithful aside, it is critical to remember that there is a reputable utilize for the Words With Friends be unfaithful tools. Several pro-level gamers use various comparable software to enhance their vocab, method and general online video sport. Exactly like having Scrabble, to win from Words with Friends, you actually need an extensive language and you also must have commited to memory probably one of essentially by far the best imprecise phrases. For example, it really is mandatory to commit to memory many 101 two-letter words, specifically these kinds of newly suitable types such as: Chi, KI, Ka, AA, ZA.
A Words with Friends associate can help an individual accumulate the greatest factors from your tiles you've. Everything you should do is to enter the tiles and the board roof mosaic glass, as well as the instrument can come track of what you can experience the table. Usually the instrument may also give matching scores, to help you produce an intelligent decision regarding where you can spot your own term.

A different way to be unfaithful from Words with Friends would be to make-up your own terms. Indeed, you will be surprised to know that is actually completely fine to do in the game, if a adversary challenges that and he shows it's not a real term, you end up shedding any turn. If it results like a genuine term, then he seems to lose any switch. So it's all fair, right? Keep in mind to make use of caution when utilizing this particular "scrabble" method since it is not going to always function any time actively enjoying online versions of Words With Friends. Typically the most used model with this online video sport is on mobile devices including the iphone 3gs. The overall game will not allow you to make use of "artificial words", because it checks credibility with the phrase prior to it being listed in the board.
While you play with different competitors online, you will realize that some of the other players are employing comparable Words with Friends be unfaithful equipment (this is usually exposed whenever your opponent is applying actually uncommon extended phrases, for instance MUZJIKS and so forth), in like manner beat your opponent, you really must rely on your senses and ideal techniques. This is an excellent time for you to begin playing defensively.

A few of the strategic protection moves you might use consist of not necessarily leaving instructions alongside the multiple or perhaps twice word score, as well as taking part in a quick phrase rather than a extended someanyyou to definitely prevent permitting your assailant get to the double and also triple items. Indeed, sometimes it's wise so that you can give up your own rating to be able to prevent your opponent racking up higher points. An additional method in opposition to a player that's using a Words With Friends cheater would be to completely focus solely in similar terms. Taking part in parallel words way to spot words at the top, under and on correct, remaining sides of the existing table term. In case your challenger is also being unfaithful having a instrument, it will be much more a hardship on him/her to put away bingos in opposition to a player that maintains smartly playing similar words.

Truly, if you genuinely wish to earn with Words with Friends, you will end up amazed to understand that many of the time, you don't have to actually on a Words with Friends be unfaithful. Just using some easy suggestions and strategies, as well as supplying your self using a excellent vocabulary, can simply allow you to the actual success only at that interesting recreation. And you will probably also really sense a lot more comfortable knowing you only counted on your senses in order to be able for you to help acquire with Words with Friends. Withinside the meanwhile, you have to continually practice and remember some of the most essential term databases, such as the total list of 2-letter Words With Friends terms terms.

Beginners Guide to WWF

Honestly, when you’ve never heard about the game Words With Friends, we might have got trouble acquiring together. I’m unsure about yourself however I really like phrases and i also adore friends, therefore this brilliant variation of Scrabble tickles my personal elegant just similar to few other. I recieve truly extreme about this game and will probably become offended in the event you don’t know very well what I am talking about after i arbitrarily shout, “I strike the TW!” during the discussion. So if you have an apple i phone, iPad, or even Android phone and also you want to be intellectually activated every day, outside , hurry up actively enjoying Words With Friends or even get busy like a sq .. I think I’ve arrived at specialist standing with this recreation. I’m profitable in opposition to half a dozen buddies at this time (absolutely simply zero big deal!) therefore I’ve amassed a summary of ideas to help you kill as of this game and prevent the particular humiliation of having remedied by your younger sibling.

Become protective and unpleasant. Personally i think such as I’m getting Chief Apparent, but you could be surprised the number of individuals error on this Don’t be that person who plays protectively having two-letter phrases for the whole online video sport! Number 1, a person aren’t going to collect virtually just about almost every items as well as number two, congratulations in boring your opponent in order to be able for you to help death. Instead, you need to maintain a proper balance involving protective methods (for instance not really leaving the double term as well as twice term places open regarding business) as well as unpleasant techniques (such as choosing the important factors when the possibility offers itself).

Understand your assailant. This is simply not a lot with regard to strategic purposes because it is for interpersonal manners. Just similar to, don’t actually play in the phrase “SEX” against your own eighty-two years old grand daddy and. My partner and my spouse and i actually don’t treatment if you’re punching the triple term and also the “X” is around the triple letter. Commemorate them for any reciprocally uncomfortable knowledge as well as he’ll likely to end up just slightly creeped away because of your indecency. I’m apologies but in specific scenarios, you’re just going to have to treat the bingo as being a cutesy G-rated film.

Commit to memory the game-clincher terms. You need to know these types of. It’s not an option. “QI”, “QAT”, “JO”, “XI”, “XU” as well as “ZA” are the lifetime of the battery the bingo and you shouldn’t hesitate to whip all of these out there if you'd like a quick score boost.

Don’t help preserve letters. “Oh, I’m simply likely to save this ‘Z’ for later.” Wrong. As the online video sport advances and the panel gets much a lot far additional messy, there are likely to be less and less options to work with high-scoring words. Pretty soon you will see nowhere fast to play in which “Z” and you’ll get factors subtracted from the final score as the correspondence never remaining your own holder.

Level phrases horizontally as well as up and down. Believe brownies! Just as cakes tend to be yummier any time they’re layered, words are too. Ok, not literally, but what’s extra delicious compared to fabric Seventy eight items on one move? This particular tip will come especially in useful whenever you’re stuck with just about almost most sounds or perhaps all consonants.

If you’re losing simply by simply more than 200 points, just resign. It could simply worsen, so extra the actual embarrassment and also add in the cards before your attacker gets as well haughty. Breathe deeply, push “resign” after which push “re-match”. The particular a shorter period an individual waste shedding, the more period you gain with regard to successful. Apart from, you almost certainly just received unfortunate.

Oh, and something very final thing: regardless how often you attempt, “BFF” and also “LOL” won’t at any time rely because phrases. Hmm, obtain with the occasions, Words With Friends! Perhaps the O.E.D. states which they’re actual!

Top Tips for Words With Friends

Words With Friends might just be the most addicting multiplayer cellular program in existence. I say multiplayer given that Angry Birds is almost difficult to trap with its addictiveness. Odds are in the event you received a good iPhone in the latest months someone most likely advised an individual down load Words with Friends and have fun with all of these. For anybody with no apple i phone or even a Droid, Words With Friends is really comparable to Scrabble except for possibly one or two minor adjustments. Although really addictive, the overall game may be frustrating if you are continually on the dropping aspect from the spectrum. I did previously locate me personally losing frequently and then I figured out how to genuinely play the recreation and now My partner and my spouse and i actually seldom every single drop in any way. For those of you which find it hard to find out how you can conquer your assailant I've outlined 12 easy methods to earn at Words with Friends. Before I list all of these, seemingly it has an program that you could down load that chooses terms for you (basically an unfaithful application) which I will NOT consist of right the following simply due to the fact I think it totally requires the enjoyment from the recreation.

1. Understand that it is a game of MATH not necessarily VOCABULARY: You got a great 400 about the Language portion of the SATs? Excellent, but does not imply spunk with Words with Friends. I notice all the time "I've got a excellent vocab therefore I'll earn on a regular basis from this". Words with Friends informs you a "term just isn't suitable" by trying to experience that and it's really not necessarily in fact a word. When you can try to increase the amount of factors you obtain every time by getting possible phrases together until one thing twigs you'll perform ok. My partner and my spouse and i actually discovered that Qi as well as Za are terms by doing this and also have solved the problem so that you can win a lot of games.

A solid protection will probably be your finest criminal crime: Some of the people We play with possess a poor practice of putting down a thing proper near the triple word tile. I conquer these folks each and every moment. Until you possess a actually actually kickass term, don't place a word down exactly in which your attacker might get a triple term rating. Multiple terms produce as well as split video game titles so will not blow it by allowing your assailant to obtain a triple word so very quickly.

Connection 2 phrases as well as a good S: Often times you'll see that any side to side word along with a up and down word are usually divided simply by simply 1 correspondence. Many terms could be added to by simply pluralizing that by having an s. Why don't you receive points from these two phrases by simply placing a good s and also pluralizing equally. This particular works well specifically uteazineersuohydratevertisementverterinarian'lensesouth is actually on a triple correspondence to pick from.

If you have the chance proceed first: I don't attention exactly just precisely what exactly anyone says, proceeding first is an benefit. If you move initially you possess the chance to both set points on the table 1st AND rule out the overall game. This is simply not an alternative if you proceed 2nd. The extra couple of items you may get simply by simply shutting out a game title (wherever it disadvantages points coming via floor ceramic flooring they've over and also include it with an individual score) could be the difference in the acquire.

You may notice a way to use a triple correspondence two times in one turn for any Queen, L, By, or perhaps Z DO IT: This could affect five or perhaps 4 level words so that you can, however especially for the Q, T, By, as well as Zs. You know that ax and also oxen is really a word proper? In the event you place an times over a triple letter and also type each terms you receive 8x3x2 as well as the A couple of factors from your any and also the ta will be 60 factors there. And also this is actually the very least because you may well enjoy wax as well as ox, or perhaps container and ax, etc. It will not seem substantial prior to deciding to participate in it since it's two terms, however , many occasions this could be extra valuable than a double globe.

Do not squander your Qs, Js, Xs, or even Zs: Similar to the multiple letter recommendation upabout idea Five, usually tend not to waste materials the good words. If you achieve a Queen in the beginning from the game, will not perform Qi regarding 14 items, enjoy Chi when you're able to with regard to Thirty one. If you achieve these types of afterwards in the game you will need in order to be able for you to help eliminate these phones prevent negative points, yet will not waste materials these people right from the start. My partner and my spouse and i actually typically do not use these kinds of words unless of course I"m obtaining 25 items or higher for that spherical.

Will not exchange letters until you must: Replacing is better than moving for those who have crappy characters, yet usually you do not want so that you can exchange. When you can eliminate Three letters about the table and only obtain Seven points out of it, will still be greater than swapping with regard to 4 characters as well as taking a chance (and you also might get the particular words you are considering anyway). Make the most of any opportunity you must obtain items about the board.

Take advantage of the possiblility to enjoy instructions on numerous terms: I am usually surprised at the best way some individuals don't understand that when a person perform a letter upabout multiple term you obtain factors regarding equally terms. Basically the notice is really as good being a dual correspondence to pick from, but much far greater since you are obtaining factors also through each words.

If you can get a certain win by finishing the game get it done: If you see a chance to make use of Half a dozen characters, end the game, win, yet just obtaining Seven factors it's a whole good deal greater than playing 2 words regarding 45 factors and endangering your opponent draws a wonderful word from their butt. Conclusion the overall game if you can assure a win.

Take your time: A simple, however important rule out winning. Don't get compelled into rushing your switch which means that your opponent can be. Remember to get the phrase that will enable you to get quite possibly just about the foremost quantity of factors every time.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

ScrabbleFest Fundraiser For Illiteracy Prevention

One of America’s classic board games, has been the Hasbro/Mattel word game of Scrabble. Created in 1948, the game quickly became a standard item in every household during family gatherings, holiday meals and birthdays. National competitions were as prevalent as spelling bees, during the initial growth of the game.

Over the last 20 years, Scrabble was considered to be in decline and had lost favor, as mobile gaming systems grew in popularity. Advancements in the digital age, specifically in smartphone and tablet technology, have taken gaming to new heights. Having the convenience of playing a game on your smartphone creates even more opportunities than ever before.

Zynga has introduced a series of games, dubbed “With Friends”, that harkens back to the golden era of family time and board games. Words With Friends has sparked a resurgence in its predecessor, Scrabble, to the point that tournaments and clubs are forming around the country.

The Kalamazoo Literacy Council (Michigan) has seized an opportunity with the newfound popularity and is putting together its first tournament event, ScrabbleFest 2012. Anyone 16 and up can sign up for the tournament. The entry fee is $25 and proceeds go towards raising awareness for adult literacy in the area.

For this particular tournament, there are only two categories – Competitive and Just For Fun. Each game has a one-hour time limit and the grand prize is a Kindle. Local restaurants and businesses have contributed gift cards, as prizes for runner-up winners. This is the second year of the event and the KLC is hoping for a better turnout, thanks to the popularity of Words With Friends.

Over 30,000 adults in the greater Kalamazoo area can not read at a level high enough to help their children with homework, share bedtime stories or read notes sent home from teachers. Job applications and doctor’s forms are rendered useless and ordering a meal from a restaurant menu is problematic.

The battle against literacy has been a struggle for the Kalamazoo Literacy Council for over 30 years now. The organization is run by volunteers and have 26 different locations that help those who struggle with literacy. The tutors who administer this program will also be involved with the tournament. Proceeds from this tournament will go towards supporting those locations, as well as training an addition 50 tutors.

Gearing up for the tournament, you can visit : Scrabble Cheat or Words With Friends Cheat for tips, placement suggestions and more.

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Words With Friends Tips

The tile distribution and count is slightly different. See the chart Below:

Because of some of these new dynamics, the friends that I play with regularly and I have agreed to a few rule clarifications for ease of play. First, we are allowed to keep a list of all 2 letter words. Since we are able to use trial and error to find words, it saves a ton of time to know what all the two-letter words are. If you use a list long enough, you will probably end up memorizing it anyway. Below is the list that I like to use. There are two main columns; the first column is all the words that begin with a particular letter, and the second column is all the words that end in a particular letter. Let me know if you see any omissions or errors and I will correct it.

Play Defense

Did you just leave a vowel right next to a triple or double word score? Don’t give anything easy away! Make sure to use every triple or double word score to your advantage. With the right letters those opportunities can decide a game. Taking a few less points to avoid setting up your opponent can sometimes be a wise strategy.

S’s and Multi-Word Combinations

Each turn allows one word to be placed on the board. The word can intersect with other words on the board to create other valid words. Each word created is added up separately. Make multi-word combinations to build higher scores. The letter S can be a great tool for multi-word combinations. Add an S to the end of some words to make it plural, while using the S to start, end, or be part of a new word on the board.

2 & 3 Letter Words

One of the simplest ways to build your strategy is to familiarize yourself with the common 2 letter and 3 letter words. A well placed “ZA” can get you out of a jam and a decent score.