Just got my very first smartphone a few weeks ago. And one of the 1st applications downloaded, was a popular social game called  Words With Friends. That's the well-known Scrabble-style application for the iPhone. This interactive social game just lately received some focus right after Alec Baldwin was kicked off an American Airways flight when he could not tear himself away.

Words With Friends has a good deal to do with strategy.

here are several approaches to perform Words With Friends from a strategic stand point. Some people desire a far more aggressive approach, forming extended phrases on every single turn, to get rid of tiles as quickly as possible. Dont forget though that 90 tiles are shared in between both players, so the much more tiles you use, the a lot less there are for the opponent. Even Though it can be risky at times, branching out with lengthy phrases presents your opponent ample possibilities to place tiles on top quality squares.

The 2nd approach I’d like to chat about is a a lot more conservative design of play. It’s a lot more defensive I’d say. With this approach you’ll sort your letters into both short and lengthy words then depending on the circumstance you'll pick one of the two types to use. One huge thing you should consider is the distance to those special squares. 

If you can use your tiles to make a long phrase to attain a special sq. then go for it, otherwise, target your efforts on forming small words. Make certain any word you type doesn’t lengthen so far that it enables your opponent to launch off your word to get to a premium square. Maintain forming brief words (especially parallel words, far more on this later) right up until your opponent is compelled to branch out placing you inside of striking length of a special square.

Obviously not all special squares are of equal value, so you’ll have to use your greatest judgement on whether you want to steer clear of branching out to a specified special square or if you’re willing to handle risk.

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