1. Don’t just understand the two-letter words. Find Out how to use the concept effectively. “Learn the two-letter words” is the one particular piece of advice I heard tons of times prior to and following that fateful game (along with “Learn how to use a ‘q’ with no a ‘u’”). And before we started, I was earnestly making an attempt to memorize a list of two-letter words from a duplicate of the rules. It wouldn’t have helped if I’d succeeded. Figuring Out the two-letter phrases is only fifty percent the challenge: You have to shift the way you search at the board, so you see all the possibilities for positioning your tiles to produce many quick words at the exact same time. And then you can construct on numerous rows of two-letter phrases to make longer words.

 2. Swap tiles wisely. Based on what’s obtainable on the board, you might be able to place down a few of these added Es following to some significantly higher-scoring letters and wind up scoring plenty of game points to make it worthwhile. But if the phrases you’re scraping together from regrettable tiles are only heading to have you gain 5 or six points, you’re not truly losing a lot by missing a flip to swap some out, particularly if your opponent only looks to perform phrases that score 25 factors or higher.

 3. Count up your score before you begin and tap “play” (or if you’re playing “Scrabble,” just priory to you putting your tiles down). I don’t know how several instances in current weeks when I’ve thought, “I have four letters adjacent to other letters. This is going to be awesome!” and then was devastated to find that I only got 16 points when I believed I was going to receive 60.

 4.  There is no shame in incorporating an “s,” “ed,” “ing” or some thing similar to your opponent’s word. But if it’s an “s,” that ought to be starting or ending one more word of your personal if at all possible. Similarly, hold an eye out for conditions like adding “af” to “fluent” to get “affluent.”

 5.   Do not try to guess what your opponent is going to put down. If your subconsciously thinking or guessing your enemy will put down a certain word, and he doesn't your in trouble. The only sure thing is the letters you have so base any strategy your using on that not your unpredictable opponent.

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